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Emma P, - London

Appeal for bed, clothing and tumble dryer.
Emma aged 8 was born with a condition known as Goldenhaar syndrome, a condition that affects only 1 in every 500,000 babies. Little Emma has no right eye, no right ear or jaw and only one nostril. Emma sleeps on a special breathing machine and has had 35 surgical operations in her short life and will need at least another 15 as she grows, to rebuild her face. Her Mum is a single parent living on benefits and desperately needs a new toddler bed and bedding for Emma and a tumble dryer, which she simply cannot afford. Emma's Mum applied to countless major charities all of which either ignored her pleas or just flatly turned her down. We had no hesitation in helping little Emma and are providing all that her Mum has requested.
Registered in the UK - Charity No 200050 - Established 1961