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Simon S, - Scotland

Appeal for "Optim-Eyes" colour adjustable reading lamp.
Simon, now aged nearly 10 has suffered with migraine and severe headaches from the age of 7 since when he has been treated by Paediatricians with many different prescription painkilling drugs. His condition is very disabling due to the frequency and severity of the headaches. Simon has even been referred to a clinical psychologist because he has been suicidal with the pain. He has had numerous absences from school and is now on a part-time timetable to try to reduce stress. Simon's devoted Mum has never given up trying to alleviate her son's distress, preferably without the use of powerful drugs. Recently, Simon was referred to an internationally renowned research optician who at long last had an explanation. After extensive tests he discovered that Simon's headaches are brought on by visual stress and advised the use of a specialised colour adjustable reading lamp called "Optim-Eyes" to reduce/eliminate sensory responses to Simon's visual stimulus. This is part of what the specialist optician said:"By mimicking retinal function it is possible to ease core cell responses, which create significant levels of visual linked stress, asthenopia (eye strain) synesthesia (a phenomenon in which one type of stimulation evokes the sensation of another, such as the hearing of a sound resulting in the sensation of the visualization of a colour) and other processing deficits. Simon has major difficulties in this area and his life is adversely affected to a significant degree. Whilst spectacles can achieve some degree of symptom alleviation it is critical to Simon's wellbeing to give him a refuge from visual stress. The Optim-Eyes lamp achieves this". Simon's Mum is a single parent with 4 other children, two of whom have Aspergers Syndrome. She lives on income support and benefits and simply cannot afford to buy the lamp herself. We had no hesitation in buying Simon an Optim-Eyes colour adjustable reading lamp at a cost of £300. A price well worth paying to pay to alleviate this little boy's pain. GOOD LUCK SIMON!
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