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Dilara E, - Scotland

Request for Cochlear implant.
Dilara is 16 years old and cannot hear without aid. When she was just under 5 years old she had a cochlear implant in one ear, Dilara has worked well, the implant has been very successful and she has excellent speech. Dilara would like to go to college in 2 years time to study law or photography. At the moment she doesn't hear clearly other than on a one to one basis and requires a second cochlear implant to enable her to hear when there is background noise, and to give her directional hearing. It will take some time for her to learn to use the second implant. A case has been made to the N.H.S but unfortunately they turned her down. Dilara's mother has raised an incredible £8,000 towards the cost of the implant by doing a sponsored skydive and has received generous donations from family & friends -- as anyone who knows Dilara has no doubt that she will work hard to make the new implant work well and go on to make a success of her life. Cochlear implants cost considerably more than the £8,000 raised and we are delighted to be funding the balance of £5,250 to enable Dilara to have her second implant. Good luck for your future success Dilara... you deserve it!
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