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Save A Child's Heart

Since 1995, 'Save A Child's Heart' has treated over 5,300 children suffering from congenital and rheumatic heart disease. The annual number of children treated has grown dramatically from 48 cases in 1996 to over 380 in 2019. Children are treated at the Wolfson Medical Centre in Tel Aviv, Israel and come from 62 countries where adequate specialist medical care is simply unavailable.

Approximately half the children treated are from the Middle East including the Palestinian Authority and Gaza, Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Morocco. More than 40% are from Africa and the remainder are from Asia, Eastern Europe and the Americas.

Incredibly, in today's modern age, at any given moment, there are thousands of children around the world suffering from heart disease who require Save A Child's Heart's assistance.

Lifeline4Kids is proud to have funded two Patient Temperature Management Devices to be used in the Paediatric Intensive Care UNIT. (PICU). The PICU provides for children who are medically unstable, suffering from life threatening conditions and needing intensive monitoring and treatment. Children that have undergone surgery are at risk of severe heat loss due to lengthy procedures which could result in Hypothermia. These devices regulate body temperature of patients who require it during hospitalisation and under full supervision and control of the medical teams. Close monitoring and management of temperature abnormalities are crucial in the critically ill to minimise the psychological and biochemical ill effects of extremes of temperature.

Registered in the UK - Charity No 200050 - Established 1961