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Amber F, Nottingham

Improving a little girl's quality of life.......

Little Amber was born in December 2016 with paralysed vocal cords and has a condition called bilateral vocal cord palsy and had an emergency tracheostomy at 3 days old. Amber requires care 24 hours a day to maintain her airways. Her tube is kept clear by a suction machine, which needs to be with her wherever she goes. The family were unable to take Amber out with the bulky and heavy suction machine supplied by the NHS so asked Lifeline 4 Kids for a special lightweight suction machine, which is transportable.

We were delighted to buy the machine for Amber. Her mum writes to us "I can't even explain how much easier the suction machine will make to our lives especially when I go out with my little girl on my own. I am so grateful"

We are absolutely delighted to have been able to help.

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