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Charley Y - Nottingham

At last Charley is now able to hear in the pool....

Profoundly deaf from birth, Charley was fitted with Cochlear Implants at the age of 18 months. Now aged 9 he is a very friendly, outgoing boy who has developed a real passion for swimming. He is a member of his local swimming club and swims 3 to 4 times each week.

Charley loved his lessons and competing in galas, he tried really hard even though he had to remove his processors during sessions. Relying on lip reading and copying what everybody else is doing, Charley was at a disadvantage to his able bodied swimming buddies. His devoted parents recognised him struggling even though he smiled and gave his all. It was heart breaking to watch sometimes.

With help from Lifeline 4 Kids, Charley has been given the chance to learn, practise and compete just like any other child. We were delighted to fund the cost of an Aqua Pack, which is a waterproof casing and microphone, enabling Charley to swim and wear his processors.

"As Charley's parents we would like to say a huge thank you to Lifeline 4 Kids for your generous contribution towards our son's quality of life. The Aqua Pack is amazing and will benefit Charley massively. He was so excited when it arrived and loves wearing it. The equipment is already making such a difference to his understanding, enjoyment and participation during lessons. He has heard new noises underwater for the first time, a real revelation.

I have attached a photograph of Charley wearing his new Aqua Pack. He loves it, what a difference it is making already. I took him for a practice swim on Thursday to get used to the kit and was blown away. How amazing, our boy who has never been able to communicate effectively in the pool suddenly talking and listening like any other child in the pool. Tears were shed. I can't thank Lifeline 4 Kids enough for your swift help
in providing his new equipment."

We are delighted to have made such a difference for Charley - may he enjoy many future years of safe and happy swimming....

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