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Noah M - Co. Antrim.

A few words from a grateful Mum....

Noah was born with Down syndrome and diagnosed within the first week of life with a heart condition and being deaf. In addition, at almost 6 years old he has just been diagnosed with sleep apnoea.

He struggles with daily fatigue as a result of the combined conditions. For years he has battled with lack of consistent sleep, night wakening, thrashing around a make shift bed and falling out of bed causing injury and grave anxiety to me as a parent.

Until we discovered the "safety sleeper bed" which has literally changed Noah's life and that of his family. We had a loan of this bed and from third night Noah slept right through 12 hours, no more waking, no more falling out injuring himself, no more parent Co sleeping.

We all started to benefit and most of all so did Noah's quality of life, his behaviour, his concentration and ability at school all reaped the benefits of quality sleep.

Unfortunately the safety sleeper bed was just on loan and we had to secure funding to ensure we wouldn't have to slip back into the misery that comes with lack of sleep.

We are so grateful to Lifeline4Kids for accepting our application and approving the funding needed to match what we already had to fund this incredible bed for our son.

It truly is a "lifeline" to us all, promoting and ensuring Noah's quality of life and that of his sisters and parents.

Thank you


You're welcome from us all at Lifeline4Kids - the look on Noh's face says it all and helps make our work so worthwhile!

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