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Save a Child's Heart

'Save a Child's Heart' supports a surgical team at the Wolfson Hospital in Tel Aviv, dedicated to combating congenital heart disease which kills millions of children in developing countries unable to access or afford treatment locally. The team has trained over 100 doctors at no cost to the students and is setting up centres of competent surgery in Tanzania, Ethiopia and Romania. Children unable to be treated locally are brought to Israel and some 4,250 children from 52 countries regardless of nationality, religion, colour, gender or financial status, have already been given life saving surgery and follow-up-care by this wonderful organisation. Half of the children treated are from Israel's Arab neighbours.

Equipment was urgently needed for the Intensive Care Unit and Lifeline 4 Kids is proud to have funded two children's intensive care beds and mattresses.

Registered in the UK - Charity No 200050 - Established 1961