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Living Paintings

Support for blind and partially sighted children....

Living Paintings is a charity that produces 'Touch to See' books for blind and partially sighted people of all ages. Their purpose is to improve the quality of life for the blind and partially sighted ending the isolation and exclusion they suffer. They make special versions of pictures with raised surfaces that come to life when fingers feel them. Lifeline 4 Kids has awarded a grant to enable Living Paintings to complete one new 'Touch to See' book title for the benefit of partially sighted children.

A letter of appreciation we received read:-

I thought you might like to hear about Keziah, aged 7, and the difference our Touch to See books have made to her life. She is totally blind; she can experience light and shadow with her optic nerve but cannot see with her eyes.

Since she started to receive Touch to See books from Living Paintings almost a year ago, Keziah is much more interested in learning in general and reading for pleasure; she is very receptive to new things and is significantly more confident in classroom activities and discussions. One of her favourite topics, since borrowing the Teddy Bears Picnic book, is History. She loves talking about this and things in the past. Her mum says: "Keziah is a very outgoing little girl and can become quite wild with over exertion of her other senses, trying to interact with the world around her. Sitting down to listen, feel and touch settles her and gives her focus.....Through using the raised pictures she learning to 'see' things as others might see them."

On behalf of the many blind and partially sighted children like Keziah who will benefit from your kind support, please pass on our sincere gratitude to the trustees of Lifeline 4 Kids.

Registered in the UK - Charity No 200050 - Established 1961