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Joel P, - Devon

Request for conductive educational equipment.
Joel aged 9 has quadriplegic cerebral palsy (affecting all four limbs) and cannot sit, stand or walk unaided. Joel is a very bright child and he himself wishes only to attend a mainstream school. Since he was 21 months old, Joel has regularly attended conductive education courses in Hungary and for the last two years, Joel's dedicated and devoted parents have also strived to make it possible for a conductor to work with Joel at his mainstream school. We are providing vital conductive educational equipment that Joel needs for his independence and strengthening skills at school, at a cost of just over £1,000.....A small price to pay to ensure this bright young lad has the very best chance of wellbeing and success in the future. Good luck Joel!
Registered in the UK - Charity No 200050 - Established 1961