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Lister Lane School, Bradford

Appeal for communication devices.
Lister Lane School is a Community Special School in Bradford catering for 59 children aged between 2 and 13 with physical difficulties. Only 3 children have verbal communication. Many pupils have additional learning needs and over 60% have profound and multiple learning needs. Lister Lane asked us to help by providing a range of speech output devices for all their children. These devices convey simple messages and phrases when pressed. The children will use them to learn the impact of communication, such as, if I say something, I can make something happen. Also the school feel that it is important that the children share news and comments between home and school just like any other child. E.g. "Hi mummy, I played in the sand today" or "I went to see grandma last night". Due to lack of funds the school cannot presently resource to a level where each child has their own device. The aids requested comprise a total of 50 devices at a cost of over £5,000. We were so impressed by the wonderful work being carried out that we had no hesitation in agreeing to buy all the communications devices they need. Good luck to all the children of Lister Lane School and keep up the good work!
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