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Palmerston Primary School, Barry, Wales

Appeal for specialist IT and Music items.
Palmerston Primary School is a mainstream school with 200 pupils in Barry, South Wales. It is also a base for children with physical disabilities with 15 children having a severe physical disability. They have a range of conditions including cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy, some also have associated complex needs such as communication and learning difficulties. These children are fully integrated within the mainstream classes but also benefit from a range of specialist therapies that are carried out in a dedicated room within the school during the school day including physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech and language. The aim of the therapies is to help the children develop their gross and fine motor skills, independence and self help skills and communication. In the last year the school has fundraised sufficient money to turn the dedicated therapy room into a multi sensory and soft play room. Whilst they have achieved an amazing facility that the children have benefited from enormously there are a number of accessories and items that are still vitally needed in two areas where equipment for children is limited and Palmerston School approached us with a request to help fund the various specialist IT and Music items which are still outstanding. We were so enthusiastic about Palmerston School's wonderful work in supporting for children with disabilities within a truly integrated mainstream setting, that we decided to fund all the equipment required at a total cost of £5,750. Palmerston School are proud of their inclusive ethos with on-site access to the therapies needed by children with disabilities and we are equally proud to have the opportunity of supporting their children in this positive way. Keep up the good work!
Registered in the UK - Charity No 200050 - Established 1961